Eurydice Belgian Quad (Mystery Brewing)

Mystery Brewing Company is celebrating their 4th anniversary with a sampler of the Belgian beers they've made each year.  The NC Beer Guys got their hands on one of the 4-packs and shared their thoughts on Mystery's latest effort, the Eurydice Belgian Quad:

From Mystery Brewing's website:
Eurydice was the final piece that we needed to put together for our Birthday 4-pack and the only beer that wasn't going to be a re-make of a previous release.  I wanted something that was going to be related to Orpheus but not just a big version of it...Instead, I looked for inspiration to one of most well-known beers in the world:  Westvleteren 12.

For my version I went with a simple grist of base malt (and a big helping of that from NC) and Caramel Munich, and then added in some molasses for an extra oomph and to make it all mine.  The result is, I think, pretty outstanding, and stands as one of the highest ABV beers we've ever made.

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