Introducing: The Setlist

I'd like to introduce the latest original show to the TLTV lineup: The Setlist.

The Setlist highlights local bands and artists in the Triangle and offers viewers a unique insight into their stories.

From the start I always wanted to do a show about local music.  Unfortunately I didn't have the time or the knowledge to pull it off myself.  It was when my friend Konrad Arnold approached me that the wheels started turning on this show.

Konrad along with Robert Gordon and Tim Bell had just founded a production company, Twin Maples Media Group, and needed something for their promo reel.  Konrad asked if they could shoot an episode of Local Film Talk for us, but I didn't think that would give them a chance to show off their skills.  So I suggested a music show and here we are now.

Last Saturday the first episode was filmed at The Pour House in downtown Raleigh and featured The Hell No.  After a blistering set they sat down with Matt Dunn (known for his show "Damaged Goods" on Little Raleigh Radio) to share their history and discuss their sound.

We're really looking forward to sharing this episode.  It was by far the biggest shoot in TLTV's history and we can't thank the crew enough for pulling it off- Konrad, Robert, and Tim along with about a dozen other local filmmakers all did a fantastic job!  And we can't overlook the generosity of The Pour House and it's staff for hosting the event!

Plans are in the works for future episodes and you're all invited.  It hadn't occurred to me to film in front of a live audience.  That was Konrad's idea and he was totally right!  Huge props go out to the audience- lots of great fans came out for the event!  Their energy was great!

Keep checking back and we'll keep you updated as things progress.  Hopefully it won't be long before we can share this great new show with the world.